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Build a team with the right technical knowledge to connect with and understand candidates' and hiring managers’ technology needs, make placements, and foster retention.

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Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter

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Hiring managers and candidates like to work with technical recruiters and AEs who understand their tech environment.

Technical recruiters are the last mile. The candidate and recruiter touch points may be one of the most challenging parts of your recruiting business and process.

Partner with Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter to save you time and start gaining traction on your business.


Quickly get ready for calls – with the right questions to ask

Equip your technical recruiters and account executives to efficiently prepare for their calls.

They have access to tailored questions that help them understand the hiring manager's technology environment.

They build the confidence to ask questions and communicate unrealistic goals.


Recruiters and Account Execs spend less time figuring out if they're using the correct technical terms, and more time connecting with candidates and hiring managers.

They no longer waste precious hours second-guessing their tech lingo. They focus on what truly matters – building solid connections with candidates and hiring managers.

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  • Maintain your technology competence.

  • Spend less time learning technologies and more time assessing the candidate and fit, making more hires, and increasing your outcomes.

  • Gain access to new technology courses, sample screening questions, assessments, blog, forum, and more..

  • More than 120,000 recruiters and account executives around the world have purchased our books, audiobooks, and learning programs.

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Boost your technical recruiting placements today.

Invest in yourself, recruiters, and account executives. Jumpstart your professional growth.

You will have access to the following and more.

What you should know to recruit AI/ML Technologists

Communicate with confidence and build relationships with candidates in software development

Recruiter Assessment for DevOps Recruiting + Glossary Download

What you should know to recruit AI/ML Technologists

Data is the new oil - learn how to recruit the engine that turns most organizations

Familiarize IT recruiters with the fundamental concepts, terminologies, and principles of cybersecurity

Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Technologies for IT Recruiters

Coming soon!

About the Instructor...

Obi Ogbanufe, PhD

I am a researcher and an educator. Officially, my title is Assistant Professor of Information Systems. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in data mining, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, and data warehousing. I research cybersecurity, risk management, artificial intelligence ethics, and smart technologies.

I have also worked in many technical and managerial roles in the private and public sectors. Coupled with my experience as a former technical recruiter, I have developed strong insights on the candidate + hiring manager + technical recruiter perspective.

I am the author of the book series, "Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter," "Spanish Edition of Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter."

The goal of the book and the courses is to increase the technical recruiter’s confidence, effectiveness, and influence as a mediator between the candidate and the hiring organization.

What our users say

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Barry Mills


"Obi has twice presented to our teams. She invested heavily in preparation, truly influenced the audience and made a positive impact on our team members. She leverages her 360 degrees of experience and her delivery is masterful as she sincerely connects with the students. I would highly recommend Obi to any that are considering raising the knowledge level of their Recruiters."

Maureen Motte

Verified SimpleTechBook User

"Obi is an exceptional trainer. I have been through 2 of her courses and she continues to teach me new things. After recruiting myself for 11 years, it is refreshing to get new information that is useful in my daily job. I would highly recommend Obi."

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Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter do for technical recruiters?

We simplify technology for technical recruiters and account executives. Our mission is to empower recruiters and account executives by providing resources, tools, and expertise to excel in their roles. We offer learning programs that enhance the recruiter's ability to effectively connect with candidates and hiring managers.

What is your vision for the ideal technical recruiter, and how do you work to achieve that vision?

Our vision is an excited and confident technical recruiter who can adeptly communicate about technology, forge strong relationships, and connect candidates with fitting organizations. We strive to achieve this vision by providing the necessary training, resources, and support.

Why is learning technology an essential part of the role of a technical recruiter?

To engage with your candidates, you need to speak their language. Learning the terms and concepts helps you communicate more effectively, which builds trust and credibility.

Can you explain your approach to increasing the effectiveness and influence of technical recruiters?

Our approach involves providing access to the latest tech-related resources, training, and support. We believe that a technically competent recruiter can effectively communicate the job requirement, assess the candidate's experience, and learn their skills.

How do technical recruiters become more confident in communicating technology?

Technical recruiters become more confident in communicating technology through learning, practice, and experience. You learn with us, and practice using the sample screening questions we provide. You also increase your experience by collaborating with other recruiters in the forum by sharing your experiences.

Do you offer training to help technical recruiters stay updated on the latest technology trends?

We provide updated training programs, webinars, and materials to inform technical recruiters about the latest technology trends. We want you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

How can technical recruiters get started with your services, and what's the typical process for engagement?

Getting started is simple. Depending on the number of recruiters and account executives in your organization, you can sign up for one of the Tiers. Tier 1 for up to 3 recruiters/AEs, Tier 2 for organizations with up to 6 team members. For more questions, please text us using our chat.

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