Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter

We believe that technology changes lives. Inspiring people to find their place in technology is what keeps us going, and technical recruiting is the key.
Increasing the effectiveness and influence of the technical recruiter as the mediator between the candidate and the hiring manager is how we do it.
We imagine a technical recruiter who is excited with confidence to communicate technologies, build relationships, and connect candidates to their careers in fitting organizations so that each candidate thrives.

technical recruiter outcomes
Improve Outcomes

For technical recruiters and account executives

technical recruiter productivity
Increase productivity

While reducing churn and burnout

technical recruiter confidence
Increase confidence

A determinant for increased performance and success

Obi Ogbanufe, PhD

About Obi Ogbanufe, PhD

I am a researcher and an educator. Officially, my title is Assistant Professor of Information Systems. I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in data mining, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, and data warehousing. I research cybersecurity, risk management, artificial intelligence ethics, and smart technologies.

I have also worked in many technical and managerial roles in the private and public sectors. Coupled with my experience as a former technical recruiter, I have developed strong insights on the candidate + hiring manager + technical recruiter perspective.

I am the author of the book series, "Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter," "Spanish Edition of Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter."

The goal of the book and the courses is to increase the technical recruiter’s confidence, effectiveness, and influence as a mediator between the candidate and the hiring organization.