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Technical Recruiter Foundations - It Starts Here

Re-Learning the Foundations of Technical Recruiting.

Whether you're new to technical recruiting or have been doing this for a decade, a foundation or refresher course uncovers the core aspects of technical recruiting (e.g., technical job description analysis, resume analysis) that you need. A recent study finds that technical recruiters, even seasoned ones get resume analysis wrong almost 50% of the time *

Program Includes:

Foundation Courses

Introduction to a technology organization

Evaluating the technical job requisition

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Technical Recruiters (NEW)*

Deciphering the technical resume

SDLC & Software development methodologies

AI Literacy for recruiters and TA professionals

Weekly Assignments (4 weeks)

Job description analysis and customization

Resume analysis

Candidate screening

Technical Recruiter Assessment

The Tech-Savvy Recruiter - Maximizing 30mins at a Time

How Technical Recruiters Become Tech Savvy in Just 30 Minutes a Day

Have you watched two people who don't understand each other's languages try to communicate? There is a better way...

This program allows you to learn and communicate technologies, while being mindful that you still need to perform your core duties as a full cycle technical recruiter. You also pay less than you currently pay for other training.

Spend 30 minutes or less and be ready for your candidates and hiring manager.

Program Includes:

30 Minutes Technology Training Bundle for Technical Recruiters + screening questions

DevOps Technologies

Software Development Technologies

AI & Machine Learning Technologies

Cybersecurity Technologies

Database Management Technologies

Operating Systems Technologies

Systems Administration (architect, network, desktop) Technologies

Cloud Technologies

Job Role Profile Templates (Quickly assess skills)

DevOps Engineer Profile

ML Engineer Profile

Security Analyst Profile

Cloud Engineer Profile

Practice Work & Assignments

Job description analysis

Resume analysis

Request for Information

Candidate screening

One (1) book (mailing address needed per recruiter)

Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter 2nd Edition

Maintenance Tech Training

Webinar & replays

Access to new courses

Checklists & templates

Technical Screening for Busy Recruiters - We Know Busy

How technical recruiters can quickly and effectively vet tech candidates if they have little or no time.

When all you have is 5 minutes to understand a technology and be ready to screen and vet a candidate. We have your back.

Spend 5 minutes and gain confidence …feeling sincere, authentic, and with the questions to ask and the background to understand why the question matters, and the understanding of their responses...

Program Includes:

5 Minutes Screening Role Play Bundle

DevOps technologies

Software Developer screening role play

Machine Learning Engineer screening role play

Cybersecurity Analyst screening role play

Database screening role play

Data Scientist role play

A Day in the Life of Technologists

DevOps Engineer

Full stack Developer

Cybersecurity Analyst

Data Analyst

Cloud Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

What People Say About Our Program

Obi has twice presented to our teams.

She invested heavily in preparation, truly influenced the audience and made a positive impact on our team members. She leverages her 360 degrees of Organizations experience and her delivery is masterful as she sincerely connects with the students. I would highly recommend Obi to any that are considering raising the knowledge level of their Recruiters.

Barry Mills

Recruiting Executive -Motion Recruitment

Obi is an exceptional trainer.

I have been through 2 of her courses and she continues to teach me new things. After recruiting myself for 11 years, it is refreshing to get new information that is useful in my daily job. I would highly recommend Obi.

Maureen Motte

Technical Recruiter

I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of the Recruiter training sessions and each time taken away something to use in day-to-day practices. I encourage everyone to attend one of Obi’s training sessions. Her top qualities are Personable, Expert, Good Value.

Mark Crutcher

Technical Recruiter

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Transform your recruiting organization today

What’s included:

Access to The Foundations Program

Access to the Tech-Savvy Recruiter vault of training

Access to the Technical Screening for Busy Recruiters

Access to AI Literacy + ChatGPT Prompting (New)

Access to templates, candidate profiles, assessments, etc.

PLUS: access to maintenance training programs such as webinars, new courses, updated courses

Bonus available till May 31st

A total value of


Per named recruiter

Billed yearly

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to your questions on program access and billing. Need more help? Email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

How do I enroll multiple people in this program?

In the checkout window, designate the quantity that equates to the number of individuals. After checking out, please send the names and email addresses of the members of your team to Our onboarding specialist will provide access to each member.

Are all these products included in the one price?

Yep. For a limited time, this offer is valid and includes every thing you see on this page. Upon purchasing the product, you or the team member who signed up will have access to everything in your account. Our onboarding specialist will be available to help you.

In addition, you’ll also have access to the bonus courses and tools.

How do I cancel or get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

We want you to be nothing less than overjoyed with your purchase experience. The plan includes a 14-day money back guarantee, so you can try everything out before committing. If in this time you decide that the onboarding program is not for you and your team, please request an immediate refund using

Because of the nature of the products here (courses, checklists, templates, training), once they've been seen or used, there's really no way of returning the products to us.

Can I pay in installments?

At this time, installments are unavailable. However, you are protected by our 14-day money back guarantee, so you can try everything before deciding if you want to commit to an annual plan.

Signup today & unlock These Powerful Bonuses

Bonus 1

Introduction to AI Ethics for TA and Recruiting

(Worth $200)

AI has come to stay. But so has its consequences. Equip your team to learn how to avoid the pitfalls of AI issues.

Bonus 2

Cybersecurity Awareness Program for Recruiters

(Worth $120)

A cybersecurity training created just for recruiters. Give your team the essential cybersecurity skills to prevent costly data breaches (yours and client organizations), safeguard information assets, while verifying candidates and assuring them that they are dealing with legitimate TA/Recruiting professionals.

What People Say About Our Program

The training breaks down the technologies in an easy-to-understand way and provides a conduit to understanding “tech” talk.  How do you read a resume? How do you know if the background might fit the position you're searching on? Does your candidate really have the experience they say they do? How do you “cut the wheat from the chaff”?"

Jason Singer


"For years, technical recruiters have struggled to keep up with the ever-changing technologies of the IT world.

Up until now, relatively little had been developed to assist the recruiting community in keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of technology. Now, all that has changed thanks to Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter. Recruiting managers no longer need to struggle with where to go to find a comprehensive guide to train and equip their teams with the skills needed to excel at their jobs."

Matthew Harrington

IT Consulting and Staffing Leadership

Drop The Mic Guarantee

You’ll get our Drop the Mic Guarantee after 14 days of using our services, if you wouldn’t drop the mic to stay on as a customer, you don’t have to pay a penny. Whether its 14 mins or 14 days from now, if you are not happy or do not believe you and your recruiters received value in the training and onboarding system, then we are not happy too.

So, for any reason, if you want your money back, please email, with a Refund in the subject of the email, and we will refund your money within 24- 48 hours. We can only make this guarantee because we are confident of the value and benefit you and your organization will gain from the training and onboarding program from Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter.

Transform your recruiting organization today

What’s included:

Access to The Foundations Program

Access to the Tech-Savvy Recruiter vault of training

Access to the Technical Screening for Busy Recruiters

Access to AI Literacy + ChatGPT Prompting (New)

Access to templates, candidate profiles, assessments, etc

PLUS: access to maintenance training programs such as webinars, new courses, updated courses

Bonus available till May 31st!

A total value of


Per named recruiter.

Billed yearly.

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